Bass Wood Lures
                                       Custom Wood Fishing Lures
The Basswood Team

Bass-Wood Lures are unique - 100% hand crafted metal lip swimming lures made from nothing but the best materials.  Each lure is custom made to your desired color pattern. The lures come in 3 different sizes to match the size of the bait in the area. They are 3", 5" and 7" ranging from 1.5 oz. to 3 oz..   Every fisherman must experience the rush when a Striper slams a metal lip swimming plug...  By far the best stainless steel "Z" lip on the market is used on each lure... This lip gives the lure the side to side wiggle that drives striped bass crazy.  All lures are hand turned and sanded using the finest cedar wood. Only 308 stainless steel through wire and hanger brackets are used.  The two part epoxy finish is second to no other lure you have fished.... Rock hard for guaranteed years of use and abuse... bring on the jetties... The lures are completely sealed - not allowing water to enter the wood.  This will allow you to fish the lure knowing that the weight nor action will not changing do to waterlogged wood.... Heavy duty split rings are used to attached the VMC hooks. While no finish is perfect, I have spent considerable time to make these lures the best they can be.  I take pride in every lure I make as if it was going into my own plug bag !!